Writer, broadcaster and poet, David Campbell is an acclaimed international storyteller. 


His warmth, flamboyance and infectious love of life enter the texture of his tellings, drawing audiences of every age and clime into the age-old magic of his craft, a craft born  in the ballad-rich north east of Scotland of his childhood, enriched by years working as a BBC Radio Producer and honed by his friendship and travels with master storyteller of the travelling people, Duncan Williamson and his immersion in the powerful poetry, indigenous lore and traditions of Celtic tales.


His repertoire ranges from ancient Celtic epics of Ireland and Scotland, through stories adventure and romance, of faith and love, to humorous anecdote and quirky comic tales.  He has taken this repertoire of tales and workshops to peoples round the world, extensively in Europe, the New World, Japan and Africa: from the Arctic to the Antipodes. 



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